Wingers I.B.


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Wingers Integrated Barrier, disposable bitewing, features three products in one. Unlike any other sensor positioner on the market today, this unique product provides a sensor holder already inside a comfort padded, elastic, seamless, infection control barrier. This reduces clinical set-up time to obtain a radiological image from approximately sixty seconds to five seconds with average cost savings over purchasing three separate items of up to twenty percent. The seamless, elastic barrier eliminates micro holes which may occur in the heat- sealed seams of plastic film sensor barriers. Fits all popular #2 sensors on the market, each bag of 60 pieces includes a free, sterilizable aimer ring and bar.

* IMPORTANT: Sterilization is the most labor intensive task in your clinic; the average dental assistant enters this area more than 80 times each day! Labor is the highest cost in your clinic (25+%) and this does not include the electricity cost of running the sterilizer or other products such as trays, bags, etc.