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Use Instructions

Product NameProduct Number
Aimer Ring & Bar*088-046
Wingers-H Classic**088-024 | 088-026
Wingers-P088-032 | 088-034
Wingers-A088-028 | 088-030
Wingers-AC088-128 | 088-130
Wingers-H088-124 | 088-126
Wingers-V088-136 | 088-138
Bitewing Aimer Ring088-120
Wingers Cube088-103
R.S. Barrier088-088 | 088-089
* Aimer Ring 088-044, Posterior Bar 088-042 and Anterior Bar 088-040 can be ordered separately.** “Classic” series product – Shorter bite tab length compared to 088-124 | 088-126

Instructional Video